If you are looking for Significa Leadership Advisors LLC, it is now part of the Goodstone Group LLC.

Kathleen Dockry, former Managing Director of Significa, is now a Principal of the Goodstone Group and has joined its senior leadership team.

Goodstone is a global provider of business-savvy leadership coaches at the top levels of corporations and professional firms. Goodstone coaches undergo a rigorous selection process that requires significant senior management experience, strong credentials in leadership development and behavioral change, and demonstrated coaching skills with senior executives. The firm serves clients in more than 40 countries, and its coaches have partnered with over 200 C-level executives as well as thousands at the senior and middle-management levels.

Less than 5% of coaches considered for the Goodstone network are selected. This unusually rigorous selection approach means Significa is joining a team where it can feel confident in recommending other Goodstone coaches to existing clients. We’re also excited to be a member of a global platform with a broad perspective on best practices in business, leadership, and coaching.